Discover the easiest way to monetize your audience

How to earn income?

               The formula to calculate eCPM is very simple. The revenue generated by the advertising campaign is compared to the impressions per 1000 ad units:

eCPM = (total revenue / impressions) x 1000

RPM = 0.25 Avg rate

Applicable to all countries rates.

For Publishers

In mobile marketing, a publisher provides the capability and inventory that allows advertisers to run ads in their apps or on mobile sites. This can mean a publisher can be a website or an app. Publishers sell space on their property to buyers (app developers) and agencies (companies managing ad campaigns for advertisers).

Myanmarads is a powerful tool you can use to publish all your advertising campaigns from one single dashboard.

Fill your pages with dynamic up-to-date interactive ads. Your advertisers will be surprised with the possibilities you offer.

Myanmarads makes ad management and ad publishing so easy.

Get paid faster

We know the frustrations of invoicing, waiting, and receiving a check weeks after a campaign has ended. With Paved, get paid the next within the first week or mobile payment or Bank.

  • Get paid via PayPal, Wave-Pay, KPay, Bank or check.
  • Within a first week.