SSP – supply side platform

We support an SSP programmatic technology so you can use our platform to sell your inventory on a bigger scale. Make your inventory available to more buyers and increase your fill rate.

DSP – demand-side platform

DSP is a technology that allows individual advertisers or ad companies buy ads programmatically. Manage your ads from multiple sources in style using our platform!

Various targeting options

Get all the advertising tools you need to scale your ad campaigns for optimum results. Use various targeting options to reach the right audience with all your desired ad formats. Be sure of fraud-free Ad campaigns, Live stats and 24/7 support.

OpenRTB and XML feeds

Integrate with other ad agencies and networks via OpenRTB protocol or use XML feeds to increase your traffic supply and demand.

Push notifications

Who wouldn’t love to see visitors coming back? And you surely can capitalize on that using Push notifications ad format.

Smart links

Use smart links as an easy and efficient way to sell or send traffic.

HTML5 ZIP and 3rd-party

Adserver.Online works with the most popular and efficient HTML5 banners. 3rd-party codes can be easily used for advertising as well.

Banners and Rich media

Adserver.Online supports a variety of popular advertising formats including a variety of Banner’s, Interstitial, Fixed sidebar, Branding background, Footer marquee, Push Down.

Native Ads

Embed ads in your websites’ content the most natural way with Native ads and increase your conversions.


Time targeting is centred around time and focuses on the idea of fitting in around people’s everyday lifestyles.

Device targeting

No need to serve unrelevant ads – target the devices and operating systems you really need.

GDPR compliant

We support the IAB Transparency and Consent Framework (TCF) technical standards and consent management platforms (CMP) compatible with them.

User panels

Have an account with Adserver. Online? Why not having sub-accounts for your publishers and advertisers with all the data on ad campaigns there?


Site retargeting is a display advertising technique used by marketers to display advertising to people who have previously visited their website.

Advanced targeting

Beside standard targetings, you may serve your ads according to any external data like tags, keywords, rubrics.

Multilingual interface

Our backend is available in English, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Turkish.

Asynchronous Ad Loading

Even milliseconds matter. Our solution allows your pages to load faster by loading your ads asynchronously (or “separately”) from rendering your page’s content.

World-Wide CDN

Ad delivery through global CDN allows us to minimize the time it takes to show your ads because your creatives are being shown to users from phisically closest server.