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Handle Adblock Security

It’s an ongoing war when it comes to blocking ads and circumventing ad blockers. And there are several reasons why we, at MMADs, prefer to keep our distance from that confrontation. Here we will explain our position on that.

Firstly, we’d like to stress that we understand that most publishers rely on their ad income and don’t want to lose any of it due to ad-blocking software used by their visitors. At the same time, some publishers looking to increase their ad revenue can become extremely aggressive with their ads. Such an approach can severely worsen websites’ usability and aggravate users. Moreover, it won’t be fruitful in the long run and what is more important can be an actual reason for web-surfers to start using ad blocks in the first place.

In general, blocking ads is an easier task than trying to circumvent ad-blocking solutions. As setting up a new domain to serve ads is easier than adding that domain to a blacklist. And as changing sizes of all your banners is more difficult than starting blocking them based on their dimensions. Not to mention situations when users don’t allow JS code to run while surfing the Internet.

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